Case Studies

Empowering clients with full freedom over their digital storefrontsThe ability to deliver on product goals has resulted in more success stories for bl!nk.
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Going to market in half the time with PlasmicThis market leader in financial solutions uses Plasmic to accelerate A/B tests on their marketing pages.
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Rapidly iterating on the logged-in app experience without developers
This operator of esports leagues uses Plasmic to rapidly update visual content in their web application.
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Going headless and shipping 5x faster
This innovative personalized skincare company uses Plasmic to accelerate their performance marketing campaign strategy.
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Multiplying headless commerce velocity with Plasmic
This men's grooming company uses Plasmic to reduce dependencies on engineering and ship to customers faster.
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IntrepidIntrepid helps companies start, launch, and grow from anywhere in the world, by providing business services for remote teams.
ImaginaImagina has helped over 1000 companies provide tailored training in new technologies for over 50K people, including BBVA, Ikea, Carrefour, and Burger King.
Breadcrumb helps teams easily create, manage, and share updates with different audiences helps over 100K users and companies around the world conduct comprehensive background checks.
PaperfoodsPaperfoods is an Amsterdam-based vegan food company that ships using paper packaging.
Fitbark is a GPS and health-tracking device for dogs. They use Plasmic to build their mobile application.
Smallman InteractiveSmallman is an innovative indie game studio, with popular games for Minecraft and Roblox.
Boombox DiscordBoombox is a free and open source Discord bot that makes it easy to listen to music with your friends in Discord communities.
YabbleYabble is a knowledge marketplace, that leverages machine learning to pair questions with experts who can provide tailored advice.
Mondrian BlocksMondrian Blocks is an award-winning puzzle game for all ages.
Bay Area FledglingsBay Area Fledglings are the largest public community of hang gliders in Northern California.
Carbon Lab
Carbon Lab is a creative agency with expertise in React and Next.js. They use Plasmic to showcase their work and accelerate their workflows.
The Cobb HotelThe Cobb is a Hotel is in Palmerston North, New Zealand. The building was built in 1890 as the town's first school.
Hot CurlsHot Curls is a Russian-language course on haircare and how to achieve beautiful curly hair.
CloveClove helps e-commerce businesses determine the environmental impact of their products and provides digital and physical labels to help customers make sustainable purchases.
KontonKonton makes outsourcing fabrication and production easy in Russia, providing services such as laser cutting and powder painting.
Open BootcampOpen Bootcamp is a free Spanish-language technical training course, designed to help developers prepare for their next job interviews.
GopandaGopanda provides express delivery and warehousing for e-commerce companies based in Taiwan.
VirtalVirtal is a platform that allows you to share and collaborate on CAD models.
Interactive ImpressionsInteractive Impressions is a digital product engineering agency that has helped companies like Samsung, Kuka, and Franka, bring rich product experiences to life.