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Everything you need to build custom web apps with Plasmic. All the tools within one platform— right at your fingertips.
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Build rich web apps

Plasmic gives you all the building blocks and tools you need to create web apps incredibly fast.

Get started with ready-made components

Choosing from a growing comprehensive library of components, including table, list, grid, inbox, calendar, map, kanban, and more. Customize them to match your specific requirements.

Vertical stack
Vertical stack
Vertical stack
Data list and details
Radio group
Button group
Unordered list
Horizontal stack

Create dynamic, interactive experiences for your users via triggers and actions.

Dynamic values

Make any aspect of your app dynamically reflect data from any other part of your app or external source. Create engaging user experiences.

Custom components

Visually design and build your own reusable components and elements within the platform. Streamline the design and development process.

Responsive by default

Build apps that look great and function smoothly on any device, whether it's a desktop, tablet, or mobile.


Bring in data from anywhere

Connect to popular data sources like Airtable and PostgresQL, generic REST or SQL endpoints, or your own authenticated APIs.

Read and write data against APIs, databases, and other integrations— all within Plasmic studio.

Rest API

Use our Rest API connector to connect with REST APIs, and authenticate with external APIs.

Authenticated APIs

Design apps that fit your brand and vision

Start with beautiful themes that look great by default. Or, customize every pixel until it looks exactly the way you want.
Start with a template

Choose from a library of customizable templates to get started even faster.

View Templates
Design bespoke UIs

Create custom UIs with arbitrary layouts and styling to meet specific requirements.

Design at scale

Go beyond simple theming. Leverage advanced features to design faster at scale.

Apply style tokens

Uphold a consistent design system across your application. Define and manage design elements such as colors, typography, and spacing.

Reuse components

Design components within Plasmic and reuse them across your applications for speed and consistency.

Add mixins

Define styles that can be reused throughout your application.

Create variants

Design multiple versions of a single component to create dynamic, responsive interfaces.
Import designs from Figma

Quickly turn your Figma designs into React code for production in Plasmic studio.


Extend the possibilities

Unlike other no-code and low-code builders, with Plasmic, you're never trapped in a walled garden.
Integrate with your codebase
Bring your own components, UI elements, data sources, deployment environments, custom controls, and more.

Build within your existing app

Compose new screens and components within your existing applications.


Ship better products together

Bring the best of both worlds together. Let non-developers create and iterate on the front-end of your apps, while giving developers control over the application infrastructure.
Built together in real time
Branch and merge
Keep track of changes
Empower other teams

Bring content & analytics into your app

Access a suite of powerful features designed to help you optimize, scale, and improve your app's performance.


Manage and update your app's content with ease, ensuring that your app is always up-to-date and relevant


Plasmic integrates with localization frameworks so you can easily translate your app's content for users around the world.

A/B Testing

Experiment with different versions of your app to see which performs better. Make data-driven decisions for future updates.


Optimize your app and website for search engines, making it more visible and discoverable to users

Image Optimization

Reduce the file size of your app's images, without sacrificing quality, to improve overall performance.


Gain valuable insights into your app's performance and usage to optimize for better engagement.
Scale up

Scale up with ease

Effortlessly expand your operations and manage enterprise-level growth with ease. Scale up and maintain control, even as your application grows and evolves. 
Get started
Roles and custom permissions
Control user access and assign custom permissions with ease. Define specific roles for team members and determine what actions they can take within the platform
SSO and Domain Capture
Simplify user login with Single Sign-On (SSO) and integrate with existing identity management systems for secure access. Effortlessly manage authentication and authorization for seamless collaboration.
Code generation
Go beyond dumb code export. Continuously sync generated component code into your code base, and interface with and control the componency via a rich api.
Deploy anywhere
Host your app on Plasmic and deploy it in minutes. Or, host the app yourself on your own infrastructure, or even embed into your existing apps.
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Our customers


It’s already been a huge increase in efficiency for me, personally. I’m really looking forward to a huge drop in scope for our tests that require new components (most of them).
James Armenta
Software Engineer Intuit
Really excited about this UI to React components platform. Definitely see a bright future!
Herminio Garcia
Software Engineer Sidecar Health
fellow UI engineers and designers, you should pay attention to what the folks over at @plasmicapp are doing. I've been using the beta and it is pretty excellent—this is certainly the future of component development.
“I had the opportunity to test out an early version of Plasmic and it’s awesome! Excited for the future of this design tool”
Cole Bemis
Design Systems Engineer @GitHub
I was pleasantly surprised and at times, blown away, with the Plasmic approach to solving the problem. The whole concept of variants, interactive variants, and slots feels natural and intuitive.
Justin Wilkerson
Software Developer APS Physics
We're totally blown away many times a day because of plasmic. You're doing god's work.
Nitin Aggarwal
Founder Supersorted.app
By far one of the most empowering tools to come out in a while. If you’re a designer/no coder/visual developer who wants to make world class applications, or a design or development studio looking for a way to serve your clients better and faster—check out Plasmic.
Collin Thompson
CEO Intrepid Ventures
Plasmic is the most important app to be released in the last five years.
Tony Key
Senior UX Designer Coupa Software
After using this for about an hour, I'm convinced it's the future.
Max Gustofson
Design Director Outdoorsy
Watching @yaaang demo quickly creating #react components with ease using his app @plasmicapp for the second time tonight at a @_collab_lab exclusive presentation. AND I’m just as blown away as I was last time! Check out this app, y’all!
Stacy Taylor
Front-End Engineer Zapier
I'm super surprised more folks aren't talking about Plasmic — I just got a demo and it's awesome. It's like Figma and Webflow had a baby that outputs React code.
Matt Varughese
Partner 8020