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Going headless and shipping 5x faster

E-commerce is a fiercely competitive space in a quickly evolving market. Digital tools, like Plasmic, enable a small and agile team like Yours, to wield an out-sized presence to compete in the $145B skincare industry.

Reduction in time to ship a new page
More campaigns launched
Uplift in marketing conversion


E-commerce is a fiercely competitive space in a quickly evolving market. Digital tools, like Plasmic, enable a small and agile team like Yours, to wield an out-sized presence to compete in the $145B skincare industry. Yours makes heavy use of digital marketing across numerous channels to drive growth. The faster teams can design, implement, and deploy new campaigns and messaging, the faster the company can reach its users and achieve its business goals.

Our partners at Yours launch dozens of marketing campaigns each quarter to drive sales and growth. This includes content from blog posts to new landing pages. The team uses a homegrown attribution system to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

Prior to Plasmic, Yours faced the following challenges:

  • Recent platform changes have reduced channel attribution accuracy on inbound visitors by over 60%. Being able to track the effectiveness of each marketing channel is of paramount importance to the company. Yours needed a solution that will work with their in-house attribution pipeline.
  • Each new design needed to be implemented entirely in code by software engineers, resulting in long lead times.
  • The number of campaigns that can be run was bottlenecked by engineering capacity.

"Being able to integrate Plasmic-generated pages with our proprietary attribution backend system --- managing UTM data throughout the entire funnel. For us, this has been a game-changer and the main selling point for me."

Shivam Sharma



To accelerate experimentation, the team is focusing on the following key areas:


Democratize implementation

Enable non-developers, such as designers and marketers, to implement new content and deploy independently.


Speed up velocity of the marketing team

Reduce the cost of implementation to drastically increase the amount of rich marketing content deployed per quarter.


Integrate with existing tech stack

Easily leverage existing code for analytics, attribution, segmentation, and application integrations.


A scalable approach

Allow teammates to start with limited surfaces, without requiring a full re-implementation or port of existing work.

"By importing from directly from Figma, we can go from design to testing in production much faster, compared to previous processes which spent a lot of time in implementation. Plasmic has helped us a lot."

Manish Murli

Design Lead

The Plasmic approach

Shivam Sharma, co-founder and chief marketing officer, is building a new process of rapid experimentation and innovation, evaluated a number of options — from evolving their existing CMS platform, to other page-building solutions. He needed something that could easily plug into Yours' existing tech stack, while enabling designers users to rapidly create rich visual content quickly from their Figma designs.

With Plasmic, they found a solution that helps with:

  • WYSIWYG page that works with Figma: Plasmic Studio can import from Figma, helping designers quickly bring existing designs to production in a Studio editor that is easy for anyone to use.
  • Adopt Plasmic incrementally: Start with a small banner, or create a full page. Plasmic projects work along-side your existing codebase without interfering with your existing pages.
  • Seamless integration: Plasmic flexibly integrates into any codebase, making it easy to leverage existing pipelines, plugins, and workflows. It even supports bringing your existing components into the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Team empowerment: Plasmic enables teams outside of engineering (e.g. in marketing and design) to quickly collaborate and ship, without requiring a developer in the critical path. Lower implementation costs allowed them to quickly multiply their experimentation efforts.

Use cases

Plasmic makes it easy for anyone on the team to create and update rich experiences, giving teams outside of engineering the ability to ship high-impact pages, like those used for user onboarding. By empowering marketing and design teams to own content in production, they gain the flexibility to rapidly test new marketing campaigns. Engineers are also freed up to work on other high-value development work.

By plugging into an existing tech stack, the team was able to integrate with existing attribution, segmentation, and analytics pipelines, seamlessly measuring campaigns across marketing pages through to the core shopping experience. This increased agility will help make Yours even more agile in this dynamic market.