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Plasmic is the only PostgreSQL GUI tool that integrates with any codebase, allowing you to work with any framework or existing system, and bring in data from multiple sources.

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How to use a PostgreSQL GUI


Integrate with your Postgres data

Easily connect with your PostgreSQL databases to build data-driven applications and tools tailored to your business needs. Leverage built-in connectors like Supabase, Airtable, or even custom REST, GraphQL, or SQL endpoints to bring in diverse data sources.


Use a full set of building blocks

Drag and drop ready-made components like form and table to build PostgreSQL apps, like admin and tracking systems. Integrate with your codebase to bring your own custom components, auth, extensions, and more.


Deploy anywhere

Deploy as modern React applications, or integrate with your codebase for your preferred hosting infrastructure. Maintain control over your environment and scale effortlessly as your business grows.


Why build PostgreSQL apps with Plasmic

Unlike other GUI tools or low-code platforms, Plasmic lets you quickly build and iterate on applications on top of your Postgres data, without accumulating technical debt.
Total flexibility with code integration
Build robust PostgreSQL applications without writing any code. Extend functionality with custom components, integrations, auth, extensions, and controls. With Plasmic, you only need to code where it matters.
Speed up the development process
Create internal tools for every area of your organization, on top of your PostgreSQL data, in a fraction of the time it takes to code from scratch. Developers and non-developers alike can build and iterate on projects in Plasmic, freeing up the backlog for other tasks.
Build any custom CRUD application.
With Plasmic, you can build applications of any shape or complexity. Create anything from applicant trackers and sales dashboards to inventory management systems and CRMs. You can also build new pages and deeply integrate them within your existing applications.

Everything you need in a PostgreSQL GUI builder

Leverage all of the features you need to build tools like admin panels and dashboards on top of your PostgreSQL databases.

Set of built-in building blocks

Build custom applications on top of your data with built-in Postgres and other integrations, templates, and components, such as table and form, and elements such as buttons and search. Build professional internal tools without coding.

Responsive design

Ensure your applications perform excellently on any device. Plasmic's responsive design capabilities let you optimize the tools for various screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones.

Custom components

Missing a component? Developers can register existing or custom code components as building blocks within Plasmic, from data sources and UI components to complex interactions.

User management & auth

Incorporate built-in user management and authentication to ensure your team members can safely and securely access their designated tools.

State management & interactions

Make your internal tools and web applications respond to user input. Dynamic, interactive user experiences made simple and intuitive.

Customize every pixel

Plasmic is the only visual app builder that provides the freedom to fully customize your apps. You can adjust every element, from layout to functionality, to offer the best experience to your internal users.


Templates to help you get started

From trackers and ticketing systems to CRMs and dashboards, Plasmic lets you build internal tools for every area of your business.

Enterprise-grade support at scale

Manage enterprise-level growth with ease. Scale your application and maintain control even as your operations grow and evolve.

On-premise deployment

Deploy your applications on-premise or behind firewalls for enhanced control and security.

Branching and approvals

Collaborate at scale by working on isolated copies, then review and merge when ready.

Shared libraries

Centrally manage assets across your organization. Import and reuse within various projects with ease.

Custom roles and permissions

Assign and manage fine grained access controls both within Plasmic and your applications.

SOC 2 compliance

Plasmic meets SOC 2 standards for secure handling of sensitive information.

SSO and domain capture

Available for for both Plasmic collaborators and end users of your application.

By far one of the most empowering tools to come out in a while. If you’re a no coder or visual developer who wants to make world class applications, or a design or development studio looking for a way to serve your clients better and faster — check out Plasmic.
CEOCollin Thompson
Intrepid Ventures

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