Build an invoice tracker 10x faster, without limits.

Build and deploy an invoice tracker that syncs perfectly with your existing financial systems, 10x faster than coding from scratch. Integrate it with your current tech stack, and scale as your business expands.

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How to build a custom invoice tracker

Get your invoice tracker up and running quickly. Extend its capabilities as your business grows.


Integrate with your systems

Use popular built-in connectors like PostgreSQL or Airtable, or connect to any financial database or system with REST, GraphQL, or SQL endpoints, or authenticated APIs.


Drag and drop to build your app

Build your invoice tracker using the visual drag-and-drop editor and built-in components. Import custom components to incorporate specialized features from your existing codebase.


Deploy anywhere

Launch your custom invoice tracker as a modern React application, deployable on any hosting solution that fits your business requirements. You get full control, allowing you to scale with ease.


Why build a custom invoice tracker with Plasmic

Align your invoice tracker with your specific business needs. No more one-size-fits-all solutions.
Build a custom tracker in minutes
Pick from a collection of pre-made components and integrations to build your invoice tracker in record time—only code where you need it. Deploy in minutes or hours, instead of days and weeks.
Scale to any complexity
As your operations grow in complexity, so can your tracker. Plasmic integrates with any codebase or tech stack, ensuring that your invoice tracker adapts and evolves with your business needs without hitting technological limitations.
Build within your existing app
Rather than building standalone solutions, create pages that deeply integrate within your existing application. Better performance and a more cohesive user experience.

Everything you need to build an invoice tracking system

Get all the features for an invoice tracking system that aligns with your needs, in a single platform.

Set of built-in building blocks

Access an array of ready-to-use components like tables and graphs. You can build quickly and only code when it's necessary.

Responsive design

Operate your invoice tracker on all devices. Stay informed and act quickly, irrespective of your location.

User management and auth

Put in place robust access controls. Your sensitive financial data remains secure but is readily available to your team when needed.

Custom components

Got unique invoice tracking needs? Expand your tracker's capabilities by adding custom React components.

Dynamic values

Update invoice statuses and amounts in real-time. Keep your financial data current without manual effort.

State and interactions

Manage user actions and data changes seamlessly. From toggling invoice views to updating payment statuses, keep your tracker responsive and intuitive.


Get started with templates

From trackers and ticketing systems to CRMs and dashboards, Plasmic lets you build business apps for every area of your business.

Enterprise-grade support at scale

Manage enterprise-level growth with ease. Scale your application and maintain control even as your operations grow and evolve.

On-premise deployment

Deploy your applications on-premise or behind firewalls for enhanced control and security.

Branching and approvals

Collaborate at scale by working on isolated copies, then review and merge when ready.

Shared libraries

Centrally manage assets across your organization. Import and reuse within various projects with ease.

Custom roles and permissions

Assign and manage fine grained access controls both within Plasmic and your applications.

SOC 2 compliance

Plasmic meets SOC 2 standards for secure handling of sensitive information.

SSO and domain capture

Available for for both Plasmic collaborators and end users of your application.

By far one of the most empowering tools to come out in a while. If you’re a no coder or visual developer who wants to make world class applications, or a design or development studio looking for a way to serve your clients better and faster — check out Plasmic.
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