Plasmic vs Bubble

Say goodbye to no-code limitations. Plasmic is the only Bubble alternative that integrates with any tech stack or codebase, allowing you to build truly scalable applications, instead of technical debt.
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What makes Plasmic different?

Embrace open-architecture
Plasmic integrates with any codebase or tech stack. Develop new functionalities and customize your app to meet any requirement. Never be stuck within a walled garden.
Bridge no-code and code
Empower non-developers and developers alike. Write code snippets, bring in custom components, and build modern React applications. Start with no-code and add code where necessary.
Scale with confidence
With codebase integration, you can scale apps to support complex requirements and a growing user base. Deploy anywhere. You never have to rebuild from scratch when it's time to scale up.
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Comparing Plasmic and Bubble

Plasmic stands out with the ability to integrate with any codebase, add custom code, and scale confidently without compromising on performance.
Integrate with any codebase
Code snippets
Custom components
Bring any components from your codebase
Bubble or 3rd-party plugins
Custom extensions
Bring any extensions from your codebase
Bubble or 3rd-party plugins
Code generation
Coming Soon
Internal database
Coming Soon
Platform whitelabel
Platform embedding
Style tokens & mixins
Responsive by default
Artboard design mode
Custom roles & permissions
Lets you define custom roles & permissions
Only pre-defined roles & permissions
Option for Plasmic hosting or self-host
Bubble hosting only
Staging & production environments
Headless CMS
A/B testing
Image optimization
Main pricing metric
Users, generous limit per tier
Unlimited published apps on all plans
Only one live app per plan

Why you should switch from Bubble to Plasmic

Want a no-code or low-code app builder that can keep pace with your vision? Try Plasmic. It integrates with your tech stack, lets you build simple to complex applications fast, and scales effortlessly alongside your business.

Break the no-code ceiling

With Bubble and other no-code platforms, you’re confined to built-in capabilities. Plasmic integrates with any codebase or tech stack, so you’re never restricted to the limitations of the platform. Write code snippets anywhere. Bring your own data sources, components, auth, custom controls, and more.

Build within existing applications

Bubble only allows you to build new applications from scratch within its infrastructure. With Plasmic, you can build pages that seamlessly integrate within into your existing applications. If you've already made significant investments in an app, Plasmic enables you to expand and enhance it, without the need to start from scratch or delve deep into coding.

Harness true design freedom

While Bubble does allow you more design freedom than other no-code platforms, Plasmic takes it to the next level. Tailor every element, from layout to functionality, without compromising on quality or uniqueness. Use Plasmic’s best-in-class Figma-to-code plugin to transform designs into production-ready apps.

Deploy anywhere

Bubble only allows you to host apps on its own servers, leading to potential issues with scaling, performance, and compliance. In contrast, Plasmic grants you the freedom to deploy your apps anywhere. You can deploy your web apps on Plasmic as modern React applications or integrate with your codebase for a hosting infrastructure tailored to your needs.

No vendor lock-in

With Plasmic, you can eject your code at any time and continue your project outside of Plasmic. This reduces the risk of vendor lock-in, which can be a significant concern with platforms like Bubble.