Plasmic vs Appsmith

Looking for an Appsmith alternative that doesn't confine you to a walled garden? Plasmic is the only low-code platform that integrates with any tech stack or codebase, allowing you to scale without limits.
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What makes Plasmic different?

Extend the platform

Plasmic is the only low-code platform that integrates with any codebase or tech stack. Bring your own custom components, integrations, auth, extensions, design system, controls, and more.

Build within existing applications

Plasmic enables you to build pages that deeply integrate within your current applications. You can fully leverage your existing components and code for better performance, tighter control, and more cohesive user experiences.

Deliver tools you're proud of

With Plasmic, you're not limited to simple tools. Build complex, multi-page applications at lightning speed. Use advanced state and interactions. Deliver high-quality, high-performance, modern React applications that you can truly be proud of.

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Comparing Plasmic and Appsmith

Plasmic stands out with its scalability, flexibility, and support for collaboration between business and IT.
Platform features
Use cases
Internal tools, Portals, Products, Websites, Storefronts
Internal tools, Portals
Custom code snippets
Custom React components
Integrate with any codebase
Custom extensions
Custom domains
Figma to code import
Platform whitelabel
Platform embedding
App Embedding
Integrates within your app
IFrame only
All plans
Custom roles & permissions
Content creator mode
Git integration
Coming soon
Open source
Coming soon
Version control
Enterprise Support

Why you should switch from Appsmith to Plasmic

Appsmith is great for building simple internal tools fast, but doesn't scale well with complex needs. Plasmic deeply integrates with tech stacks to let users build complex, multi-page apps.

Build future-proof internal tools

Building tools on Appsmith becomes clunky as your datasets grow. These imitations create eventual technical debt. Plasmic gives you the flexibility to build apps that adapt to any stage of growth. Bring your own data sources, components, auth, custom controls, and more.

Empower non-developers

Appsmith is developer-first, whereas Plasmic enables collaboration between departments. Engineers can build tools fast or add the building blocks into the platform so roles from other departments can construct or iterate on their tools. Invest your coding resources where they're needed the most.

Harness total design freedom

Appsmith only offers simple theming, and you must be on a paid plan. Plasmic gives you the freedom to tailor every element, from layout to functionality. Use Plasmic's best-in-class Figma-to-code plugin, so you can go from design to app in record time.
By far one of the most empowering tools to come out in a while. If you’re a no coder or visual developer who wants to make world class applications, or a design or development studio looking for a way to serve your clients better and faster — check out Plasmic.
CEOCollin Thompson
Intrepid Ventures