Plasmic partners with Swell to visually build ecommerce sites of the future

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We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Swell to power the next generation of ecommerce sites for the modern web. By partnering with Plasmic, non-developers can now drag and drop products, collections, and more from their Swell Commerce storefront directly into Plasmic Studio - no coding required!

Customers trust Plasmic to continuously innovate and ship solutions that move the web forward, and this partnership with Swell takes us another step forward.

Here’s a quick demonstration of this integration in practice

This integration opens up a new range of possibilities for both Swell and Plasmic users. While it has become possible for content editors, designers and developers to build pages without code on Plasmic, Swell store owners can now build full e-commerce sites with their store products and collections without code on Plasmic.

Kevin McKeand, Chief Commercial Officer at Swell, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Plasmic. We’ve seen an incredible approach to making headless accessible to a non-technical audience through their product. We see lots of potential in joint solutions with Plasmic and Swell and look forward to working on some exciting projects soon.”

About Plasmic

Plasmic is a visual content editing platform that lets anyone ship digital experiences without code into any tech stack. The platform is used by top brands and Fortune 500 enterprises to let their cross-functional teams ship and grow faster.

Yang Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Plasmic “We were incredibly impressed with what we saw in Swell, both as a platform and as a partner. Swell has unrivaled flexibility as a headless platform, and Plasmic brings the “head,” which makes a perfect fit. The opportunity to open up Swell’s platform to many more teams with first-class visual building is exciting, and we are just scratching the surface of what we can do together.”

About Swell

Swell is the most flexible commerce platform on the market, powering innovative brands to sell creatively. From new startups to large enterprises, Swell’s customizable backend enables merchants to optimize for the modern era of commerce today, while offering unmatched flexibility to scale tomorrow. Learn more about Swell on To learn more about working with Plasmic and Swell on your next project, get in touch with us!

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To learn more about Plasmic and Swell take a look at the following resources:

You can also check out the Plasmic GitHub repository and YouTube Channel. Your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated!

To learn more about working with Plasmic and Swell on your next project, get in touch with us!

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