Prototyping that's 1 step away from production.
full control
Test your ideas quickly
Rapidly design your user interface in the final medium. Stop guessing your flex-basis, or manually dancing around a cross-browser flex-gap.
Automatically get ready-to-use React components
Don't limit yourself to a throwaway prototype. Plasmic generates maintainable production-ready presentational components so you can ship faster.
No-compromise developer control
Plasmic's component API gives you complete freedom to attach arbitrary logic and state to build powerful interactive components. Flexibly consume components as a library of presentational components, or directly edit the component’s JSX tree—Plasmic supports multiple codegen schemes with an emphasis on clean code and best practices.
Continuously iterate on your UI/UX
Continuously sync the latest changes with the code. Plasmic separates presentation from logic so that new changes are easily adopted without conflicts.
Fix design-engineering collaboration.
Invite and empower your design colleagues to collaborate on the design of the final product. Say goodbye to handoffs altogether, and to divergent sources of truth between design files and code.
Eject anytime
Zero lock-in
Check the React components into your git repository. You own everything you make in Plasmic. Want to eject? Walk away any time with plain React code.
Get started with Plasmic
Try the demos, examples, and tutorials.