Quick Start

This quick start is intended for intermediate to advanced users. For a gentler introduction to Plasmic, check out our tutorial.

Using the Plasmic CLI

Install the Plasmic CLI

You can either install the CLI globally:

yarn global add @plasmicapp/cli
# or: npm install -g @plasmicapp/cli

or locally to your workspace:

yarn add -D @plasmicapp/cli
# or: npm install --save-dev @plasmicapp/cli

Sync an existing Plasmic project

You can get your PROJECTID from the URL of your project. For example, https://studio.plasmic.app/projects/PROJECTID.

If you don’t have a project yet, get started quickly with one of our starter templates.

plasmic sync --projects PROJECTID
# or: yarn plasmic sync --projects PROJECTID
# or: npx plasmic sync --projects PROJECTID

Your components are synced to src/ by default.

First-time syncing

If this is your first time syncing, the CLI will prompt you to enter your credentials, initialize your plasmic.json, and install our small runtime library (@plasmicapp/react-web).

Future syncs

Whenever you want to pull updated Plasmic components, you can simply run:

plasmic sync
# or: yarn plasmic sync
# or: npx plasmic sync

Check out our Developer Guide for more details.