Announcing Plasmic's Affiliate Program!
Open Role

Founding Designer

About Plasmic

Plasmic is a visual builder that plugs into React and other codebases. We aim to lower the barriers for anyone to create software, but our initial wedge is the headless content management market.
We are an early-stage startup with a small remote/distributed team of 10. We are well-funded by NEA and investors in Figma/Framer.
To give you a somewhat arbitrary sense of who we are:
Folks from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, MIT, Berkeley. (This is not something we filter for!)
3 ex-founders with exits.
6 ICPC world finalists.
3 parents of young children.
4 dog owners.
1 Rubik's cube afficionado.
1 food blogger.
2 beginner-level breakdancers.
Spanning two states and two countries.

About the role

We are looking for a seasoned designer to help us drive the product design forward.
This is a critically important leadership role for our company, as we push to make Plasmic approachable to a much broader audience. You would be directly shaping the product and its future direction.
Plasmic is a highly interactive tool where users can spend many hours per session. It has an expansive interaction surface area and many deep design challenges, from nitty-gritty interaction design questions like "How should selection work?" to high-level product decisions like "How should dynamic data work?" and "How should users design components in multiple states?"
The role is focused extensively on these conceptual design challenges, but also on the nitty-gritty interactions and on a beautiful presentation.
These are some additional attributes we think would signal a great fit, but don't hesitate to reach out even if you aren't sure you check every box:
Has experience coding in React or doing web development.
Passionate about creating and sharing content on Plasmic.
Can create designs that balance ease-of-use with deep, complex capability.
Scrappy and comfortable operating with autonomy in a startup environment.
Has strong written and verbal English.


If this sounds interesting, please get in touch. We would love to meet you!