Plasmic partners with Strapi to build data-backed applications visually

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We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Strapi to build an integration that allows developers to build data-backed applications in Plasmic. Together, Plasmic and Strapi users will be able to ship and iterate faster as a result of this partnership.

Strapi’s headless architecture makes it a perfect fit for Plasmic - Strapi brings the data backend and Plasmic brings the frontend. With the Strapi API, it was seamless to integrate Strapi into the Plasmic component store. As a result, you can now use Plasmic to visually build web applications by simply dragging and dropping your Strapi data collection onto the canvas.

Here’s a quick demonstration to show how this works in practice.

“Plasmic is literally building what modern content management should look like. The component-based approach that matches and maps the content provided by a Headless CMS is opening a bunch of new & magical opportunities for content editors willing to build next-level frontend apps.” - Aurélien Georget (Co-founder and CPO - Strapi)

Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS: 100% JavaScript, extensible, and fully customizable.

It enables developers to build projects faster by providing a customizable API out of the box and giving them the freedom to use their favorite tools. Content teams use Strapi to autonomously manage all types of content and distribute it from one CMS to any channel be it websites, mobile apps, or connected devices.

Loved by developers and supported by a global community of members and partners, Strapi brings together an ecosystem of 150,000+ enthusiasts, 700+ contributors, and innovative companies like IBM, NASA, Walmart, e.Bay, Rakuten, Toyota

Plasmic is a visual content editing platform that lets anyone ship digital experiences without code into any tech stack. Plasmic is used by top brands and Fortune 500 enterprises to let their cross-functional teams ship and grow faster.

In summary, It is now possible to use data from your Strapi collections in Plasmic Studio simply by dragging and dropping your data collections in Strapi onto the Plasmic canvas.

More resources

To learn more about Plasmic and Strapi take a look at the following resources:

You can also check out the Plasmic GitHub repository and YouTube Channel. Your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated!

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