Plasmic partners with Sanity to build data-driven applications visually

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We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Sanity to bring true no-code visual building to Sanity content. This partnership enables anyone—developers and non-developers alike—to rapidly create stunning experiences without code, bringing their structured content to life.

We’ve launched Sanity integration in the Plasmic component store to ensure that pulling in data from your Sanity dataset into your Plasmic project is as easy as dragging the Sanity component onto the Plasmic canvas. Simply point and click to select the data you want without consulting APIs or looking up IDs, and immediately design and lay out the content with total flexibility. All integrated seamlessly into any tech stack.

Here’s a quick demonstration to show how this works in practice.

“We’re impressed by what Plasmic has built! This integration lets you use your structured content to build quickly with components – with no need for code. This tool will enable technical and non-technical teams to work better together and to learn and iterate faster. It allows for content-driven design, which opens up a ton of possibilities.” – Even Westvang, Ecosystems and Co-founder at

Sanity is the unified content platform that lets your team work together in real-time to build engaging digital experiences across channels. It is built with extensibility in mind so that you can build on it to your advantage.

Plasmic is a visual content editing platform that lets anyone ship digital experiences without code into any tech stack. It is used by top brands and Fortune 500 enterprises to let their cross-functional teams ship and grow faster.

“As long-time users of Sanity ourselves, we’ve grown very attached to the platform’s flexibility and its best-in-class features and tooling, and we wanted to make sure we could bring this with us wherever we took Plasmic. We have been looking forward to this partnership, and are excited to work together to enable creators of all types to build amazing experiences on Sanity.” – Yang Zhang, cofounder of Plasmic

In summary, we’ve made it possible to use data from your Sanity datastore in Plasmic Studio. You can do this simply by dragging and dropping your data from Sanity (from the Plasmic components store) onto the Plasmic canvas. Better still, watch the walkthrough video attached to this post and reach out to us if you have any questions or ideas.

More resources

To learn more about Plasmic and Sanity, take a look at the following resources:

You can also check out the Plasmic GitHub repository and YouTube Channel. Your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated!

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