Get started with codegen

Warning: This project has no components! Please create some components first. Only components get synced. Note you can convert artboards into components.

To generate Plasmic components into your own codebase, run these three commands!

First install the Plasmic CLI if you don’t already have it:

yarn global add @plasmicapp/cli
# or: npm install -g @plasmicapp/cli

Then from your project root dir, initialize plasmic.json and install our small runtime library with:

plasmic init

If this is your first run, you’ll be prompted to paste your API token (show).


Finally, sync down all components from the current project.

plasmic sync --projects PROJECTID

That’s it! Your components are synced to src/ by default.

In the future, whenever you want to pull updated Plasmic components, you can simply run:

plasmic sync

See our Developer Guide for more details.