Build apps fast, without compromises.

Create beautiful production-grade apps or internal tools in minutes, with full control and customization. Connect to your data, deploy anywhere, and seamlessly integrate with your codebase to build without limits.

Let the whole team ship incredibly fast.

Empower anyone—non-developers and developers alike—to create apps that move your business forward.

Code optional.

Simply point and click to add behavior and interactions. Or write Javascript wherever you want. And finally connect it to your codebase for unlimited capability.

Design beautiful experiences.

From customer-facing apps to internal tools, build experiences you're proud of, and even use your existing design system.

Total control and flexibility.

Plasmic is open-architecture—extensible and customizable. Never be limited by the platform.

Customize for your business users.

Expose the right abstractions and building blocks for your non-technical app authors working in your specific business domain. Build your own builder.

Build within your existing app.

Build new surfaces within the context of your existing codebase. Use your auth, permissions, state, components, deployment, etc. The world’s only seamless bridge between low-code and code.

Bring complex building blocks.

Develop these from your codebase, not in a modal. Add complex custom components, design system libraries, data integrations, interactions, workflow operations, auth, and more.

Zero lock-in.

Run on your own premises. Eject at any time with clean modern generated code.

Connect anywhere.

Not just a one-time codegen.

Any database, GraphQL, REST API. Dozens of pre-built integrations.

Built-in database.

Hit the ground running with the built-in database.

Deploy anywhere.

Any infrastructure. From Next.js apps to Docker to k8s, deliver your apps in any form factor.


Host on premise.

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Version history.

Blah blah.

Fine-grained access control.

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Multi-workspace governance.

Blah blah.

Audit trail.

Blah blah.

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